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Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that allows those with limited mobility to enjoy all of the benefits of yoga. This class is wonderful for those with conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, severe knee or back problems, impaired balance, or any other condition which prevents the student from practicing in a traditional yoga class. Enjoy all of the mind, body, and spirit benefits of yoga in a way that is safe and accessible. 1 HOUR **Silver Sneakers Eligible

Gentle Yoga

Basic Yoga poses in a gentle flow. Perfect for beginners or for those individuals that need a slightly lower intensity while gaining strength and mobility. Joint-friendly and suitable for any fitness level. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MAT, $1 RENTAL FEE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE 1 HOUR **Silver Sneakers Eligible


Yoga postures are practiced at a gentle pace with emphasis on alignment, balance, strength, and flexibility. Breathing exercises and meditation are also incorporated for a full body / mind workout. This class is appropriate for most students. Options and modifications are given for a various level of experience and ability. Students should be able to move comfortably to and from the floor. Students with injuries or conditions that limit their mobility may be more comfortable in a Gentle or Chair Yoga class. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MAT, $1 RENTAL FEE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE 1 HOUR **Silver Sneakers Eligible

Yoga 45

Just like our other Yoga class, condensed into 45 minutes! 45 MINUTES **Silver Sneakers Eligible

Strength & Balance

The phrase “move it or lose it” applies to our human body in so many ways. Beginners or intermediates welcome, fitness focused on regaining or maintaining mobility, strength & balance. 45 MINUTES **Silver Sneakers Eligible

Body Toning (AM)

This 45-minute higher impact class is more of a boot-camp style, full-body workout. Using a variety of equipment and body weight this class will raise your heart rate as increase your strength and balance. The class will include but is not limited to circuit training, tabata, and dice games. 45 MINUTES

Body Toning (PM)

This 45-minute low-impact class focuses on full body strength and balance. No class is ever the same and uses a variety of equipment and body weight. All movements can be modified to help you reach your fitness goals. 45 MINUTES

Country Heat/Tabata

Each exercise in given Tabata last for seconds and then you get a break! Join us to increase strength, lose weight and improve flexibility! 45 MINUTES


High Intensity Interval Training. The name says it all. This is a high energy workout that runs students through short intervals at a high intensity, then offers short recovery breaks throughout the 45-minute class. Perfect for those who want to burn calories and push their bodies to the next level. Modifications are available for beginners. 45 MINUTES

Senior Stretch

Flexibility, balance and simple movement for seniors. Low intensity, great for those who want to move more without the intimidation of a “workout” class. 45 MINUTES **Silver Sneakers Eligible


Start your weekend off right with Friday morning High Intensity Interval Training! This class is high energy, full body, up to 45 minutes long, FUN, and worth the early rise! You will not only get challenged by these workouts, but also taught simple and easy modifications to match your fitness level so everyone gets a great workout! 45 MINUTES


A short presentation about the program, what it is, why it works, how it can help individuals with Parkinson’s reclaim or maintain quality of life & have a great time doing it! 1 HOUR

Yoga 101 Workshop

If you’re thinking Yoga sounds fun and offers great health benefits but you don’t know what you’re doing, so you don’t go…this is for you! This tutorial workshop for beginners has you covered. We’ll teach you a few of the basic poses, step by step, offer information about breathing techniques and a little bit of the history and health benefits of the practice. We’ll take you through a gentle flow of the poses you learn and leave plenty of time to answer questions. Education and fun! 1 HOUR

Knees and Hips

If you have had or might need a joint replacement surgery, this class can help you improve mobility and/or continue to restore your post-therapy recovery. Program would include range of motion, strength and balance activities for a fun and structured routine. Beginner or Intermediate 45 MINUTES **Silver Sneakers Eligible

Warrior Fit

This moderate-intensity circuit style class is a fun, quick way to bring a strong finish your day. Burn fat, tone muscles, feel great, and even get home in time for dinner!! 45 MINUTES **Silver Sneakers Eligible