Wellness Memberships

Wellness Memberships are $30 per month or $50 for 25 sessions good for 6 months.

Wellness helpful hints:

  1. The best time to arrive for your wellness program is at 15 minutes past the hour or 45 minutes past the hour. Patents are scheduled on the hour and half past the hour and typically warm up on the equipment for 10 minutes. Patients do have priority.
  2. Wellness hours are from 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday
  3. It is not necessary to call ahead before you come in. You are welcome to come in and work out any time during the business hours listed above.
  4. The physical therapist and support staff are here to assist you if needed and for any questions. Together with a physical Therapist you may also design a work out program specific to your needs.
  5. As a courtesy to others, please wipe down your equipment and tables and replace your pillow cases once finished.